2014 Retreat

Reflections from the Chair

Debbie Jackson, 2014 Retreat Chair
Debbie Jackson, 2014 Retreat Chair

Home again and slowly getting back to reality. Spent some quality time yesterday with my dear friend Brenda Urquhart, showing her around town before she left on a lengthy drive heading South. Wishing her safe travels during her continued drive back to San Diego later this month!

My head is loaded with a numerous amount of scenarios that occurred this past week. I learned SO much about myself and gained an abundance of knowledge in helping to organize and operate such a monumental gathering. I even experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions and was elated with tears of happiness and joy as I watched this all come to fruition! I will value this priceless experience forever!

What a delight it was to finally see the attendees arrive, many of whom jumped off the pages of Facebook, greeting me with a big smile and a warm hug! Such a mass of creatively-talented artists gathered in one large space! Wow, it was AWESOME!!!!

I was so tickled to scroll through and read the number of accolades that so many of you have written, that it just makes this all worth the effort and energy that was needed!

I want to pause and thank the remarkable IPCA Retreat Committee: Rosana Van Horn, Barbara Forbes-Lyons, Susan O’Neill, Karen Woods, Ellen Rumsey Bellenot, and Judy Haupin for all of your tireless work, time and energy that you put into making this incredible event take place. Without all of your individual gifts and expertise, it couldn’t have flowed as smoothly as it did! I really appreciated your patience in working with this ‘apprentice-in-training’. 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I cannot even begin to list the multitude of willing people from the IPCA Officers, teachers, sponsors, Columbus Polymer Clay Guild members, hotel staff and everyone else who rolled up their sleeves to help make this Retreat the extraordinary event that it was!

Most important, I’d like to thank all of the amazing attendees who brought such a mass of creative energy in record-breaking numbers to Columbus, Ohio! I wish you the best in all of your creative endeavors, and that you’ll cherish this event with pleasant memories for years to come!

With heartfelt sincerity, love and respect,

Debbie Jackson – 2014 IPCA Retreat Chair